Located only 12 Km from the airport of Menorca: CALA S’ALGAR, a accommodation and leisure complex as a whole is the most diverse on the island. There are a wide variety of hotels and places to stay: S'Algar Hotel, San Luis Hotel (both four stars) and Las Palmeras, Rafalet and Vista Faro Apartment complexes.
  • Hotel S'Algar

    from 75 €/person
    A paradise in Menorca
  • Hotel San Luis

    from 52.50 €/person
    Comfort, relaxation and leisure
  • Apartaments Las Palmeras

    from 65.50 €/night
    All inclusive for the whole family
  • Appartments Rafalet

    from 76 €/night
    Appartments Rafalet
    Fun with family and friends
  • Appartments Vista Faro

    from 60.50 €/night
    Appartments Vista Faro
    Low cost apartments

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